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FridgeFilters.com Purchases 10% Off For Military & Veteran Families – Every Day!

FridgeFilters.com - Veterans Day[On Veterans Day last year, we launched the promotion below, offering 10% off for all veterans, current military and veteran families – all day, every day.

With this week dedicated to celebrating our Independence, we thought it an ideal time to remind you of this program, and encourage you to use it if you are a veteran or currently enlisted, or share it with someone you know.

FridgeFilters.com thanks you for your service!]

You may notice that our post today sharing a veteran’s discount is unusual in that it is coming one day after we all celebrated Veterans Day.  A favorite holiday at FridgeFilters.com, Veterans Day is that one day per year where we honor the men and women courageously and selflessly serve our country.

With the arrival of this holiday, you no doubt saw several Veterans Day sales and promotions pop-up in your inbox and social channels yesterday.  Oftentimes, these Veterans Day sales, many of which last only through the end of the day, compete for space alongside the notes of gratitude from your friends and family members.

Today’s post is not intended to compete for space with heartfelt notes from family and friends. Today’s post is also not intended to promote a one-day or one-week sale. Today’s post is an announcement of a new and ongoing discount we will be offering on all FridgeFilters.com purchases.

Starting immediately, if you are a veteran, current member of the military or represent a military or veteran family, all purchases you make at FridgeFilters.com will be 10% off.  Simply enter the code ‘soldier’ when you checkout.

Don’t let our name fool you.  While we offer one of the largest online selections of refrigerator water filters, we also stock an enormous inventory of water filtration products ideal for those that find themselves moving frequently – from Culligan faucet filters, to Brita water pitchers, to heavy duty undersink filter systems.  These filtration products can be especially useful for those that find themselves stationed in areas with less than glowing water quality.

While we certainly understand that this is a very small gesture when weighed against the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, it is our hope that it is meaningful enough to express our thanks and to ensure we all keep the needs of veterans in our thoughts more than one day per year.

If you are a veteran, current member of the military or are part of a military or veteran family, simply enter the discount code ‘soldier’ when checking out at FridgeFilters.com to take 10% off your entire order.   For any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-683-8353.

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