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5 Ways To Pre-Hydrate During The NFL Pre-Season

Pre-Hydrate During Pre-SeasonThis week and weekend finds us about half-way through the NFL pre-season, a time many fervently anticipate since the final downs of the previous season, and many more fervently anticipate ending – so we can get to the actual season, already.

Just as everyone from the players to the coaches to the vendors will use the pre-season to get their schemes and plans in line, you can use this time to ensure that you can more effectively stay hydrated all season long.

Here are five ways to pre-hydrate during the NFL pre-season:

1. Order & Change Your Fridge Filter
When the season finally kicks off, you don’t want to be stuck serving yourself less than perfect tasting drinking water from your fridge dispenser. Fortunately, as long as you place your fridge filter order from our store by 4pm CST any week-day, we’ll ship it out the same day. Time may be running out, but you still have time to get the replacement fridge filter you need before the season starts.

Don't Miss A Thing When NFL Season Starts2. Get A Good Water Bottle To Keep Close At Hand
Just because your fridge is serving clean tasting water doesn’t mean you want to get up and walk all the way to the kitchen to grab another drink! If you get up during the game, you could miss the greatest play ever, and if you get up during a commercial, you’ll miss out on time you could be spending seeing what other games are on. Our advice is to get a great water bottle, including those found here, to ensure you’ll always have clean drinking water close at hand when the game is on.

3. Invest Small In A Water Filter Pitcher
If your home will be full of people when it comes time for the season to officially kick-off, they’re going to get thirsty. Like you, chances are they’re not going to want to miss a thing. Rather than buying every guest their own filtered water bottle, make a small investment in a one of the filtered water filter pitchers from Brita or PUR found on our site. Many are even sleek enough looking to earn a spot at any table!

Stay Hydrated While Tailgating4. Fill Up The RV Water Tank
Maybe the one reason you bought that RV was so you’d have a tailgate ready vehicle for the upcoming season. If so, why ruin the maiden tailgating voyage of the season by serving dirty tasting water? Before tailgating truly begins, check out our selection of RV filters to make sure you have what you need to serve only clean water from your tailgate ready vehicle.

5. Install A Shower Filter
Hitting the showers isn’t just for the players. After all, watching the game, hosting parties or tailgating can all be tough work! When it’s time for you to hit the showers after the game this season, be sure you’re doing so beneath the cleanest water possible – free of virtually all chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and more – by ordering one of the shower filters available on our site.

What other ways do you suggest getting yourself pre-hydrated during the pre-season? I invite you to share via a comment below.

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5 Days Left: Shower Filters Are Great For Holiday Gifts & For Holiday Guests

Culligan Hand-Held Filtered Shower Head At FridgeFiltersOver the last year, shower filters have experienced a surge in popularity.  This surge may seem unusual to some as the family shower is typically not where most of us get our drinking water.

While shower water typically isn’t consumed for hydration, between once or twice a day, this stream completely surrounds our bodies.  The contaminants and impurities you filter out of the other water sources throughout your home – whether chlorine in the city or sediment in the country – will be just as present in your shower tap without a good filter.

In the shower, common water contaminants and impurities pose a whole host of different issues, including dry skin and damaged hair.  Unfiltered shower water can also make its way into your body via the steam and vapors that arise while you bathe.

As we get closer to the holidays, many of you are no doubt preparing for a wave of houseguests.  Even more of you are no doubt preparing for that last wave of holiday gift shopping.  For either holiday scenario, a good shower filter is an ideal solution.

Shower filters make great holiday gifts for households with small children, pets or anyone else that suffers from dry, sensitive skin or allergies.  Installing a shower filter in your own home prior to the arrival of houseguests also makes you a better host, ensuring that you create an even more comfortable atmosphere for your friends or family that may feel a bit overwhelmed and out of their element over the holiday season.

At FridgeFilters.com, we offer several different types of shower filters, including inline shower filters from OmniFilter and the hand-held Culligan filtered shower head pictured above.  Many of these shower filter systems can go up to 12 months between filter cartridge changes, based on a typical household’s usage.  Better yet, any order placed prior to Monday, December 16th will be in your hands prior to Christmas Eve.

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