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Combating Hard Water Stains & Sediment Buildup In The Country

Don't Let Hard Water Ruin Country LivingAhh, life in the country.  Virtually no nosy neighbors, very little traffic and something money can’t buy: peace and quiet.  But moving from the city to the country is a trade-off that brings with it some uniquely annoying issues specific to country living.  One of the biggest issues? Hard water stains and sediment buildup, courtesy of shifting your water supply from municipal sources to your own private well.

Well water comes straight from the earth, no added fluoride, no chlorine, just nature’s clear miracle…and some natural minerals, sediments and contaminants – ranging from calcium and magnesium to dirt and limescale.  These contaminants can leave behind stubborn hard water stains at best and sediment buildup that can damage your pipes and appliances at worst.

Culligan HF-150 Whole House Water Filtration SystemFundamentally, the best way to combat hard water is investing in and installing a water softener. A water softener removes much of the hardness from your water, helping to prolong the life of your appliances and pipes.  However, a water softener also represents a significant investment, and one you may not be prepared to take on if you just uprooted your life with a move to the country. Fortunately, there are several very simple and cost-effective ways to combat hard water stains and sediment build-up throughout your home.

First, find where the water comes into your home.  If you filter your water from the source, the hard part is already done for you.  The Culligan whole-house water filtration system pictured to the left is affordable and easy to install, without the need of help from a plumber.  Once installed, you can completely customize your filtration to suit your needs with an incredible array of filters that will fit inside the housing, from multiple different brands.Omnifilter SF100 Inline Shower Filter

Once your whole house water filtration system is installed, a very basic sediment filter will do wonders for easing your hard water issues.  One such sediment filter we recommend is the GE SmartWater FXUSC.  This replacement water filter cartridge helps to significantly reduce sand, sediment, rust, soil and silt bigger than 30-50 microns (for comparison – the human hair is 70 microns across.)  Note that this type of system will not reduce water hardness, but will help to significantly reduce issues you are likely to face with sediment build-up that can cause issues with water taste and quality.

If you are unable to install a whole-house system, there are several point-of-use water filtration systems that can help you win the war against hard water stains and sediment build-up.  For avoiding hard water stains and issues in the bathroom, a good water softening shower filter – like the OmniFilter Inline shower filter to the left – is a great place to start.  This shower filter is specifically designed to soften water and reduce rust, corrosion, dirt and sediment – helping to ensure your shower water does not leave stubborn hard water stains or scale in your tub.

A good water softening shower filter will also ensure your body doesn’t suffer from hard water issues, including acne and itchy skin.  Keeping your shower water soft will also make it easier for your shampoo to lather, a basic function that shampoo has trouble performing when meeting hard water.

Aqua-Pure AP717 Inline Water Filtration SystemIn the kitchen, sediment buildup in your dishwasher or refrigerator dispenser are common issues that can quickly sour you on country living and well water usage.   Inline water filters, such as the Aqua-Pure inline filtration system pictured, are easy to install and designed to trap contaminants common in well water, preventing them from causing build-up or other issues.  Better yet, an inline water filter will help to significantly improve the taste of your water.  If you’re living with well water for the first time, trust us, this benefit will be greatly appreciated.

Water is the one thing that we all depend on.  While we may not be able to control everything that happens to it before it enters our home, with just a small investment of time and money, we can exercise almost complete control of it once it enters our home.  And if you’re living in the country and waging a war against water quality issues ranging from stains to build-up, controlling your water is half the battle.

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