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Dogs + Fridge Water Dispensers = Love

Dog Drinks From Fridge Water DispenserTucked neatly within the dog days of summer is National Dog Day, 24-hours set aside for recognizing those pooches in need of rescue, and ensuring the health and comfort of those we’ve invited into our homes.

In honor of today’s status as National Dog Day, and arguably, one of the first ‘dog days’ of the season, we wanted to share the videos below showing how some of our favorite dogs have beat the heat by mastering that all important invention – the fridge water dispenser.

While each video below is an exercise in adorability, our goal is not to bring attention away from the very real risk of dehydration during this time of year. After you’ve spent a few minutes giggling at the videos below, please do a quick check to ensure your dog’s water bowl is full, (preferably, with properly filtered water) and that it remains full all season long. After all – your dog may not have mastered your fridge water dispenser yet!

1. Big Puppy With A Big Thirst
This video describes the dog as a St. Bernard ‘puppy,’ though amazingly, he reaches the fridge water dispenser without so much as a boost. This thirsty puppy rarely comes up for air in the entire video.

2. Mastiffs First, Humans Second
Not only does this massive mastiff take his time drinking from the dispenser, a trick the owner’s son taught him, he also has no problem shoving his way past his former teacher when it’s time for a drink!

3. The Perfect Crime
In this brief video, a puppy’s owner catches him in the act and films him from several feet behind. If only this dog would look behind him, rather than to the right, when checking to see if the coast is clear…

4. When Your Snout Doesn’t Work, Try Your Paws
This dog gets bonus points for going one step above, using both his snout to push in the fridge dispenser to get water, but only after giving it a careful tap with his paws.

So just what does it look like when a dog drinks water, in super slo mo?

Check out this amazing video from Discovery below:

If you have your own videos or stories to share of dogs mastering your fridge water dispenser, I invite you to share via a comment below.

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We’re Brewing with Water: Filtered Water and the Perfect Cup of Joe

Does filtering water before brewing coffee or tea really improve the taste and quality? You bet it does.

A connoiser will tell you that everything, from the temperature of the water to the method of roasting the coffee beans or tea leaves, will affect the finished pot of coffee or tea.

But even seemingly minor alterations like the quality of the water you use for brewing can have a major impact on brewed beverages. Chemicals commonly used to disinfect water–chlorine is one–can make your cup of Ethipian Harrar taste like you used pool water for coffee creamer.

If you live in a house with old iron or coffee pipes, you might experience a sharp, metallic aftertaste in your cup of Earl Grey.

And sulfur-an otherwise relatively harmless bacteria-can leave your cup of Joe tasting like a cup of Joe's dirty sock juice.

But while you'd probably notice these objectionable tastes in your drinking water, you might never notice them in your brewed beverage. Why? For one, the cream and sugar you add to your coffee might mask the taste of water contaminants. For two, you're probably getting your drinking water from your refrigerator's filtered water dispenser-but brewing you coffee or tea with water straight from the tap.  

But if you're not a connoiser and your palette's not all that refined, can you really tell a difference between a beverage brewed with tap water and a beverage brewed with filtered water? Try this experiment: brew two pots of coffee-one with filtered water, one with tap-and see which tastes better. You'll find that purer water makes a noticeable difference in your beverage's taste-so much so that you might just trade that pricey coffee subscription for a trip to your grocery store coffee aisle.