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3 Ways To Guarantee Great Tasting Drinking Water On The Road!

Plan For Clean Drinking Water When Vacation PlanningAt FridgeFilters.com, we take pride in the fact that our filters keep the drinking water in your home tasting clean, fresh and cool. But like you, we occasionally like to get out of our homes, especially as we get into the tail end of summer – dangerously close to back to school season.

We suspect we are also similar in the sense that when you leave your home, whether for a quick hike, camp or cross-country road trip, you want to be able to enjoy the same great tasting drinking water you get at home. Fortunately, our online store specializes in more than just fridge filters. Below, find three products that we proudly offer, each of which will ensure you only drink great tasting drinking water while out and about:

Filtered Water Bottle 2-Pack From Brita1. Brita Filtered Water Bottles – the fact that we are drinking a record amount of bottled water in this country is great from a hydration stand-point, but not so great when that eco-unfriendly bottle needs to be disposed of. That said, if you’re just off on a quick walk, hike or drive, a plastic bottle of water seems like an ideal companion. Until, of course, you meet the Brita filtered water bottles we offer.

These eco-friendly water bottles, pictured to the right, are free of BPA and offer you the same great tasting water you’ve come to expect from your fridge – whether you serve water from a dispenser or a pitcher. Even better, at less than $20 for a 2-pack, these bottles will pay for themselves almost immediately! Order Brita filtered water bottles from us online.

2. Katadyn Camping Filters – As great as a filtered water bottle is, sometimes a longer trip will require a filtration solution with just a bit more capacity. Fortunately, with our selection of products from Katadyn, we’ve got you covered for these lengthier excursions.

Katadyn Vario MicrofilterKatadyn is one of the most well-known providers of camping filters and filtration systems, and their products include the Vario microfilter to the left, featuring a filter life of 530 gallons. Katadyn camping filters are lightweight, easy to pack and effective at removing up to 99% of bacteria and viruses that can lurk in untreated water. A must-have for any serious outdoorsman or outdoorswoman! Order Katadyn camping filters from us online.

3. Culligan RV Water Filters – Whether you are a cross-country road tripper or a ‘glamper,’ there’s absolutely no reason your recreational vehicle should leave your driveway unless it’s ready to serve great tasting drinking water.

Before driving off, check out our selection of RV filters from Culligan. Our offerings include both exterior and inline filters, ensuring water is clean both when it fills your tank and pours from your faucet. Order Culligan RV filters from us online.

Just in case you’re leaving for that late summer trip in the next week, these and all products available at our online store ship same day, if ordered by 4pm CST.

If you have more ways to ensure you always have great tasting drinking water on the road, I invite you to share your story via a comment below. I also invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or +1 us on Google+ to stay up to date on our latest water filter sales and discounts.

Are you a veteran, currently serving in the Armed Forces, or are you placing an order on behalf of a veteran or soldier?

Use the discount code ‘SOLDIER’ at checkout to take 10% off your entire order at FridgeFilters.com!

Got Water? How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in 5 Easy Steps

If the past month's headlines haven't convinced you that the zombie apocalypse is upon us, well, the zombies have already eaten your brains. 



That's right. We said it. Zombies. Sure, we're a team of highly educated water filtration experts more given to discussing micron ratings, but today we're talking ZOMBIES. Laugh if you want to, but when it happens (and it will) you'll be glad you read this. So without further ado (time is running out, you know), here's

The Fridge Filters' Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. 


1. KNOW THY ZOMBIE. Think all zombies are slow, dull-witted shufflers? HA! YOU'RE DEAD. Zombies being controlled by voodoo curses, hypnotism, aliens, or microchips can run just as fast as you or I. Scarier still? The Enhanced Human Zombie. Altered by viral or bacterial infection, or  worse yet–DNA alteration–enhanced zombies are the Terminators of the undead and can run, jump, and kill faster, harder, and more effectively than anyone but Chuck Norris. 

(FACT: When Chuck Norris bites a zombie, it turns human.)

2.  ARM YOURSELF AND GO FOR THE HEAD. Can't keep your silver bullets straight from your wooden stakes? No worries. If you've seen Zombieland you know there are buckets of ways to kill zombies. No matter your weapon of choice, though, go for the head–it's the only way to re-dead the undead.

(FACT: The word zombie entered the English language in 1929. That same year the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Coincidence? NOT LIKELY.)

3. PREVENT INFECTION. Sure, voodoo and zombie bites are responsible for like, 99.9% of zombie infections. But did you know you can catch zombie by sharing a drinking glass with a zombie? Not putting the paper down on a toilet seat after a zombie uses it?  Breathing recirculated air on an zombie piloted aircraft?


(Don't even get us started on zombie mosquitos and zombie chiggers. It's June in North Carolina, y'all– we'd be the first to die.)

4.  BLEND IN. Should you find yourself in the midst of a zombie horde, DON'T PANIC. Blend in to the crowd and move like a zombie. That's right. Dance the Thriller.

Don't have the moves like Jackson? You can learn a thing or two from these cute kids:


5. PREPARE. Gather food and supplies now, because the last place you want to have to go during the zombie apocalypse is your local Walmart.  In their “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” blog, the CDC (No joke. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention really has a "Zombie Preparedness” page on its official website) recommends having an emergency kit stocked with food, medicine, tools, and supplies to get you through till you can find a zombie-free refugee camp. The most important item in the kit? You guessed it. 


In fact, you'll need one gallon of water per person per day that you're on the run. That's a lot of water to carry! Those gallon jugs of water take up a lot of space in your survival pack…and at 8+ pounds per gallon they're sure to slow you down while you're on the run! You'll need something lighter, more compact

You need the Katadyn Portable Water Purification System.


Katadyn MyBottle Ultralight Series 24-Ounce Personal Water Purifier Bottle

Katadyn MyBottle Ultralight Series 24-Ounce Personal Water Purifier Bottle


The Katadyn bottle frees you from having to carry or locate safe drinking water while hiking, evading zombies, or any other outdoor activity. You just dip the bottle into any fresh water source, squeeze to force filtration, and voila! Fresh, clean water.


(Sorry. The folks at Katadyn aren't using zombies in their product videos.)


Order one today and you'll be ready for whatever comes your way–the zombie apocalypse, the next big hurricane, or a hike on a hot day. We'll be ready. Will you?

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