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4 Days Left: Faucet Filters Are Your Secret Holiday Weapon

Brita Faucet FiltersYour holiday guests are thirsty.

Your holiday guests are hungry.

Your holiday guests are still missing some presents under the tree.

And as for you, the holidays are leaving you just a touch dehydrated.

Our guess is that many of you will find yourself in one of the situations above, before the next few weeks are out.  Fortunately, faucet filters can be your secret weapon for getting through every one of these scenarios unscathed.

Think first about the activity that will happen in and out of your kitchen.  You may have just reinstalled your refrigerator water filters, and for good measure, you may have just refilled your Culligan or Brita water filter pitcher.  But many will still flock towards the kitchen sink for that much needed hydration.  Ensuring your tap water is clean and ready to drink makes for both happy holidays guests and a great holiday host.

It also goes without saying that much of the food prepared in your kitchen this holiday season will depend on your tap water as a key ingredient.  Installing a faucet filter to reduce contaminants and impurities in your tap water has the added benefit of ensuring that anything you cook with this water will also represent the cleanest possible food.

Finally, if you are still struggling to fill those last few spots under the tree, there is no greater gift you can give to someone than clean drinking water.  A faucet filter makes an ideal gift for anyone living in a home with older pipes, families that consume enormous amounts of water, or anyone that finds themselves moving frequently – including students or military personnel.

In addition to the Brita faucet filter linked to above, we are proud to offer faucet filter systems from GE and from the Culligan On-Tap series on our site.

Whether you need a faucet filter for yourself or as a gift this holiday season – place your order with us by 4pm CST on Monday, December 16th and we’ll make sure you have it by Christmas Eve.

For any questions about the types of faucet filters we offer, or for help finding a specific model, call our dedicated customer support team at 1-800-683-8353.

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