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How Winning 10 Years of Free Refrigerator Water Filters Can Help You Win At Jeopardy!

10 Years Free Refrigerator Water Filters From Tier1Let’s face it – remembering to order your replacement refrigerator water filter every 3 – 6 months can be a lot to keep track of.  After all, that’s why we send our customers reminder emails.

But what if you didn’t have to remember to order replacement refrigerator water filters at all?  What if every 3 – 6 months, we just sent you a replacement, free of charge – for TEN YEARS?

The week of  March 16th, one lucky winner will be awarded ten years of free refrigerator water filters from Tier1.  If you haven’t entered yet, you can do so right over here.

Imagine now, winning ten years of free refrigerator water filters.  Just think of everything you could keep in your head instead.  It may just be enough to help you win at Jeopardy!.

For instance:

You Would Remember That Bill Walton…was the Trailblazer that Kareem Abdul Jabbar dares a young passenger’s ‘old man’ to drag up and down the court for 48 minutes in Airplane!  Kareem Abdul Jabbar didn’t even remember that – and it was his line!

You Would Remember That Roger Clemens…was the ex-Red Sox player, and all around questionable person, whose 354 career wins were still not enough to get him into the Hall of Fame.

You Would Remember That 45 Degrees…is equal to 1/8 of a circle, saving yourself much chiding from Alex Trebek.

You Would Remember So Much More Than Wolf Blitzer…who somehow managed negative $4,600 dollars – after just the first round of Celebrity Jeopardy!

You Would Remember That Archibauld Leach, Bernard Schwartz and Lucille LeSeuer…were the real names of Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Joan Crawford, and not three people who have never been in your kitchen.  You would also have five extra minutes to watch the full, classic clip below from Cheers where Cliff Clavin gives this unforgettable answer.

Prepare yourself to win ten years of free refrigerator water filters, and maybe to win on Jeopardy!, by entering here.  Winners will be announced the week of March 16th.

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