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6 Days Left To Get Your Air Filters Before Christmas

3M Filtrete Air FiltersYou can almost feel it now.  The warm indoor air generated by the combined breath of your holiday guests.  Odds are either you or one of your guests suffers from an all-too-common dust or dirt allergy that only gets exasperated in this type of setting.  And if your air quality begins to become noticeable, you are almost certain to hear about it.

Regardless of the challenges inherent with having so many people in your home over the holidays, or dealing with seemingly never-ending seasonal allergies, a good host will do everything possible to provide a good experience.  Ensuring your home has good air quality, by ensuring your air filters are clean and up to date, is one step you can take to achieve this goal.

At FridgeFilters.com, we are happy to offer hundreds of different types of air filters from 3M Filtrete, from the most common 1” sizes to thicker 4” sizes designed for homes with significant air quality issues.  We are even happy to offer air purifiers and air purifier replacement filters for those that need just a little bit extra.

If you need to replace your air filters before the holidays, place your order on our site by 4pm CST on Monday, December 16th and we will ensure they are in your hands – or better yet, in your furnace or purifier – by Christmas Eve.  Get started by finding the air filters you need by reviewing our selection of 1” furnace air filters, air purifiers and replacement filters or 4″ whole house air cleaner filters.

If you need help getting started, check out our recent post sharing five air filter buying tips or call our dedicated customer support team at 1-800-683-8353.

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