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10 Years of Free Tier1 Refrigerator Water Filters Awarded!

Eileen Souza - Winner of Ten Years of Free Tier1 Refrigerator Water Filters
Eileen Souza – Winner of Ten Years of Free Tier1 Refrigerator Water Filters

Late last year, we were proud to start offering Tier1 refrigerator water filters, a new line of filters designed to provide you with great tasting water and ice at a great looking price.  These filters are designed to fit and perform in nearly every major refrigerator brand.

Needless to say, we were excited.

But we couldn’t just keep the excitement to ourselves; we had to use it to get the word out about Tier1.  Like many before us, we thought the best way would be to get some of these filters in your hands with a few free samples.  Of course one thing led to another, and before we knew it, a few free samples became 10 YEARS worth of free filters awarded to one lucky winner.

Today, we’re proud to follow through with this bold offer and announce that one lucky winner’s identity.

Congratulations to (drumroll) Eileen Souza of Sykesville, Maryland!

Eileen is a long-time customer and professional genealogist who owns and operates Old Bones Genealogy in Eldersburg.  You can learn more about her company here.  For the next decade, Eileen will be able to focus even more of her time and resources on this business as remembering to order her next refrigerator filter will be a thing of the past!

10 Years Free Refrigerator Water Filters From Tier1
We Actually Did This!

Needless to say, when we contacted Eileen last week, she was thrilled to win.  Even better, she still has more than ten years worth of free, clean drinking water to look forward to!

While there was only one winner for this sweepstakes, we can help to ensure you get the same clean drinking water that Eileen will be enjoying for the next decade, at the great price you deserve.  Simply check out our selection of Tier1 refrigerator water filters here to find the model that fits your fridge – and if you need help – just call our customer service team at 800-683-8353.

Our congratulations go out once again to Eileen Souza for winning ten years worth of free refrigerator water filters from Tier1 – and our invitation goes out once again to you to give these filters a try in your own home!

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