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Cleaning your Refrigerator Coils

Over time your refrigerator coils will accumulate layers of dust, cooking oils or even pet fur. Cleaning the fridge coils will help make your refrigerator run more efficiently and can help keep your energy bills down. This article at explains how to simply and safely clean your fridge coils.

Many refrigerators require you to remove the grille cover on the front of your refrigerator when replacing the water filter cartridge so you are already half way to getting the coils cleaned up.

World Health Organization (WHO) fact sheet on bottled drinking water

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a fact sheet on bottled water back in October 2000…  It's sort of old news, but it's one more data point…

…some substances may prove more difficult to manage in bottled than tap water. This is generally because bottled water is stored for longer periods and at higher temperatures than water distributed in piped distribution systems. Control of materials used in containers and closures for bottled waters is, therefore, of special concern…