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Filters 101- FAQs

 By Megan Vick

Over the years, we've gotten a lot of questions about water and air filters over the phone, through email, and through social media.  Most of these questions are common, so we've compiled a list of them for you. 

 1. Do I have a filter? How do I tell?

You most definitely have a filter somewhere in your home.  Most homes have an air filter for the air conditioning unit.  Depending on the type of refrigerator you have, you may have a built in filter for your ice and water dispenser. 

The easiest way to tell if you have a refrigerator filter is to take a look around your fridge.

  Refrigerator Filter Locations

If you can't find the filter by looking, you can also search your refrigerator’s model number in our database.


2. What needs a filter?

Many things need filters- ice makers, faucets, showers, and air handlers.  You can also find filters for your pool and spa, aquarium, car (both oil and air), coffee maker, vacuums, and lots of other things too.  The important thing to remember is if you are dealing with water or air, there is probably a filter for it.  Many refrigerators have now included air filters inside the fridge to remove any smells or odors caused by food. 


3. Why does it need a filter?

Filters are needed when you want to remove something from the air or water.  Your fridge needs a water filter to remove particulates, chemicals, and/or bacteria from the water coming into your home.  Water is often treated with chlorine, which can cause a very noticiable smell in the water.  A carbon water filter can easily remove up to 99% of the chlorine in the water and mostly (if not entirely) eliminate the smell. 

Other items need a filter to remove dirt, bacteria, and particulates from the air.  The air circulated in your home can contain dust, mites, bacteria, pet dander, skin, and many other microscopic ickies.  High quality air filters can remove much of that from the air, so you and your family can breathe comfortably.

E-coli bacteria 


4. Why is an old filter bad? What happens if you don't change the filter?

If you don't change your water filter, it will eventually stop catching the things you want removed.  With carbon based water filters, you'll want to change them approximately every 4-6 months.  Because carbon collects things like bacteria, the bacteria can begin to collect and multiply over time.  If you go for too long (8 months or longer), the filter may have grown a little (or big) colony of nasty stuff.  When water goes through the old filter, the bacteria can be deposited back into your drinking water. 


If you go too long without changing your air filter, your air flow throughout your home may diminsh.  This can cause an increase in energy bills because the unit is working harder to get air through the house.  Also, if an air filter goes too long without being changed, there is an increased chance mold or fungi can grow and enter the circulating air.  Breathing in things like that can cause respiratory infections, headaches, bronchitis, and escalate asthsma symptoms.  Regularly changing your filter will help keep your energy costs low and it will help keep the air clean for you and your family. 


5. What are all the benefits of changing filters?  Will I be healthier?

There are many benefits of changing your filters.  The most imporant benefit you'll get is better health.  When you keep the nasties out of your water and your air, your health can, and will, improve.  When you cook, shower, brush your teeth with filtered water, there are fewer contaminants going into your body.  When your body doesn't have to spend time removing unnecessary contaminants, it can spend time giving you energy, focus, and health. 

We’re Brewing with Water: Filtered Water and the Perfect Cup of Joe

Does filtering water before brewing coffee or tea really improve the taste and quality? You bet it does.

A connoiser will tell you that everything, from the temperature of the water to the method of roasting the coffee beans or tea leaves, will affect the finished pot of coffee or tea.

But even seemingly minor alterations like the quality of the water you use for brewing can have a major impact on brewed beverages. Chemicals commonly used to disinfect water–chlorine is one–can make your cup of Ethipian Harrar taste like you used pool water for coffee creamer.

If you live in a house with old iron or coffee pipes, you might experience a sharp, metallic aftertaste in your cup of Earl Grey.

And sulfur-an otherwise relatively harmless bacteria-can leave your cup of Joe tasting like a cup of Joe's dirty sock juice.

But while you'd probably notice these objectionable tastes in your drinking water, you might never notice them in your brewed beverage. Why? For one, the cream and sugar you add to your coffee might mask the taste of water contaminants. For two, you're probably getting your drinking water from your refrigerator's filtered water dispenser-but brewing you coffee or tea with water straight from the tap.  

But if you're not a connoiser and your palette's not all that refined, can you really tell a difference between a beverage brewed with tap water and a beverage brewed with filtered water? Try this experiment: brew two pots of coffee-one with filtered water, one with tap-and see which tastes better. You'll find that purer water makes a noticeable difference in your beverage's taste-so much so that you might just trade that pricey coffee subscription for a trip to your grocery store coffee aisle. 

Tap into Savings: 12 Great Ways to Save Money This Summer

When the temperature heats up, don’t let your budget melt down! Summer is here-staying busy and active, taking trips and cranking the AC can really do some damage to your pocketbook! Here, our top tips for keeping your wallet intact.

  1. Ditch the soft drinks and try making "sun tea" (a favorite here in North Carolina). Toss four large tea bags into a clear pitcher or jar full of filtered water, and let it bake outside for three hours. Later, dilute with filtered water, add a little lemon and sugar, and refrigerate!
  2. Skip the produce section at your pricey grocery store and hit your local farmers' market. Spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, string beans and red bell peppers are cheap and in season now. While you're there, pick up petunias at bargain prices to brighten your flower beds.
  3. Go on a stay-cation. Bring Maui, Miami, or Montego to your own backyard! Let your kids make decorations or pick up some floral centerpieces, colorful place mats and leis from your local dollar store. Play a Hawaiian CD and grill fish or chicken with pineapple and coconut rice for dinner and end the weekend with a hula contest and a dip in the kiddie pool.
  4. Turn down the AC. Set you thermostat's fan setting to "on" to keep the air circulating. Better yet, get a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature for the times you're not at home.
  5. Have a clothing swap. Reserve a Saturday afternoon to trade your most gorgeous "not for me" leftovers with your friends. And don't forget kids' clothes! It's good time, too, to hit the summer sales: swimsuits, sandals and sunglasses are all marked down now.
  6. Cancel the cable bill for the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather instead. Visit your neighborhood pool, go on family hikes, camp in the backyard, attend minor-league baseball games, hit local parks or check out the zoo. Need your TV fix? Try Hulu Plus and Netflix on Demand. 
  7. Skip the coffee shop and make your own coffee slushes ($1 for four servings, versus $12 in stores). Pour leftover coffee into ice-cube trays and freeze, then toss the frozen cubes and flavored liquid creamer into a blender. Voila!
  8. Forego ice cream and try freezing bananas, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for a sweet, cheap summer snack. Toss any uneaten frozen fruit into a blender, pour into ice-pop molds and refreeze for later.
  9. Leave the restaurants to the roadside when you're on vacation. Make sure you've booked hotel rooms equipped with microwaves (see Before you check in, go to a supermarket and buy microwave dinners and snacks like popcorn and pizza bagels. Pack your Brita pitcher and you'll have clean, filtered water straight from your hotel room tap. 
  10. Freshen your filters.If you’ve got an HVAC system in your home, the simplest money-saving move you can make is to change your air filters. It will reduce allergens and air pollutants in your home and improve the efficiency of your air flow. Pro Tip: replace them each month when you get your electric bill. 
  11. Tap it. Water, that is! Ditch the bottle and drink filtered water from your tap or fridge dispenser for $ .002 a gallon.
  12. Save money. Literally. There are about 94 days of summer. Aim to save just $7 every day of summer, and you’ll have more than $650 accumulated by Labor Day. Whether you use it to pay down a credit card, loan, or to fund the upcoming holiday season, it may be the most important money move you make all summer.

FridgeFilters Cares : Charity Spotlight

FridgeFilters Cares

Here at Fridge Filters, we believe everyone should have clean, good quality drinking water. Most of us reading this are lucky enough to have it. So what can we do about nearly one billion people on our planet who don’t have access to a source of clean drinking water?

We care! Fridge Filters will be sponsoring a Charity Spotlight to showcase the groups out there bringing clean water to those less fortunate. We will be donating to these charities. Will you?

At Fridge Filters, we have the best customers. Now, we want you to know why we are the best place to get your refrigerator water filters! Thanks for caring!

FridgeFilters 500th like on Facebook!!!

5 for Five Hundred

This is awesome! I’m very excited because today we are going to give away 5 Klean Kanteen Reflect bottles in celebration of our 500th like on Facebook! I have randomly selected 5 of our 500 fans and the winners are…

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FridgeFilters Contests and Giveaways: How to Claim your Prize


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  • FridgeFilters customers will receive an email notification. Simply reply to the email to claim your prize (note: we will use the email address from your most recent order).

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Helpful Videos

This page contains a collection of helpful how-to videos from  They may save you some time and give you the confidence to change that filter in your fridge if you have never done so.

For more help on changing water filters, click here

How to purge water from a refrigerator

How to change a Quarter Turn water filter

How to change a Push Button water filter

How to change a Maytag UKF8001 water filter

How to change a Samsung DA29-00003G

A helpful how-to-guide for changing the Samsung DA29-00003G filter can be found, here

How to change an LG water filter

How to attach/detach a water line with a John Guest fitting

A great 3M video on installing an under sink water filtration system

 Water_Video_Still_170x130 For high speed connections click here

For slower connections click here




How to change the water filter for your Samsung French Door or Side by Side refrigerator

How to change a typical inline water filter setup

Millions of Americans Drink Contaminated Water

Investigations by the Environmental Protection Agency show that many of the U.S.'s 54,700 water systems have violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. These violations include the presence of illegal concentrations of potentially dangerous chemicals in our drinking water.

The E.P.A. data shows that these violations are not isolated to any specific region of the country and have been found in every state. Research has linked illnesses among approximately 19 million Americans to the presence of harmful substances and parasites in their drinking water.

While the current administration is working with the E.P.A. to get stronger regulations in place the frequency of these violations over the past 5 years remains a cause for concern.

The drinking water that comes from your faucet is far cheaper than purchasing bottled water and should be a safe option. If you are not already using an in home water filtration system there are a variety of affordable options and styles. Replacing your water filter about every 6 months will help keep your drinking water safe and will maintain that clean and refreshing taste.