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Avocados: To Fridge or Not to Fridge?

Avocados  - To Fridge or Not To FridgeWe’re not ones to judge, but if you don’t love avocados, we may need to start wondering about you.

But whether you are an avocado addict or a guacamole junkie, you may not always be clear on when an avocado should be refrigerated and when it should be left out to survive on its own.

For all those too embarrassed to ask, here are two quick checklists sharing when you should – and when you shouldn’t – refrigerate avocado:

Put Your Avocado In The Fridge When:

Your avocado is fully ripened
Just give it a bit of a squeeze. If it feels just soft enough, without feeling gross and squishy, it’s done. Toss it in the fridge.  If not…

You need to halt the ripening process
That ripening process won’t stop.   Leaving a ripe avocado on your counter to survive on its own will cause it to ripen to that aforementioned gross and squishy state.

You plan to eat it within a week
Once in the fridge, that avocado will stay in the perfect ripened state for about a week – a little more if you’re lucky.  Put it in the fridge and start the countdown!

Alton Brown Guacamole RecipeYou’ve transformed it into Guacamole
While avocado is the main ingredient, there is much, much more in the perfect guacamole (like in Alton Brown’s recipe to the left.)  Not only does guacamole taste better cool, but some of those ingredients – including cilantro and sliced tomatoes – are better off kept at colder temperatures.

Leave Your Avocado Out of the Fridge When:

Your avocado is nowhere close to ripe
An avocado will begin to ripen the second it’s picked.  But there is often a short distance of time between picking and when you buy and bring it home.  When you bring that avocado home, and it still feels rock hard, leave it out.

Your avocado still feels rock hard to the touch – even if it SHOULD be ripe
On the other hand, what if you’ve had that avocado for over a week and it’s STILL rock hard?  You may want to cut it open and see what what’s happening before letting it take up fridge space – and certainly before you count on it to be featured in your next dip.

You will eat your avocado within the next 1 – 2 days
Leaving your avocado out means it will continue to ripen.  If you won’t eat it for a week – by all means – fridge it.  But if you’ll use it in the next one or two days, take a chance, and let it get up to the tip-top of that ripeness tipping point.

You’ve cut it – but PROMISE to eat it within a few hours
To clarify, the best and really only way to preserve an avocado after it’s been cut into is to involve refrigeration.  But if you promise to eat it within a few hours, you can use any number of tricks – from submerging it in cold water to sprinkling it with lemon juice – that will preserve it at close to room temperature and in that glorious ripe zone you’ve supported – for just long enough.  Just reconsider this plan if it starts to go brown.

What tips or tricks – or better yet, recipes – do you have involving avocado?  We encourage you to share your thoughts below.

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