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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Transform Your Life By Monday

Kitchen Remodeling Idea - Repaint Your KitchenAnyone that has ever been involved in a kitchen remodeling project knows how quickly it can spiral out of control, with even the best of intentions.

In all fairness, sometimes this chaos is unavoidable.  You are, after all, tearing down and rebuilding a major epicenter within your home, potentially rendering it unusable until completion.

But fortunately, there are dozens of simple kitchen remodeling ideas that can be completed over the course of just a few days, or even just a few hours.  By transforming a major part of your home, these ideas can in a very real sense transform your entire outlook on life.  Better yet, if you start on some of these tonight, you’ll be an entirely new person by Monday:

1. Repaint – a simple and obvious remodel, repainting is also likely to be one of the lengthier projects on this list.  As HGTV shares in the article where we pulled the image to the left, “Never underestimate the power of great paint colors,” – whether that means brightening a small room with white coloring, adding sophistication by blending whites and creams or going full-on dramatic with black, navy or grey.

While the advice in the content of HGTV’s article is great, there’s an even better piece of advice hidden in the photo.  Namely – make sure your dog stays out of the kitchen.  Regardless of the face he gives you.

Kitchen Remodeling Idea - Hang Vintage Wall Art2. Replace Your Kitchen Faucet – perhaps the most focal point in your most central room, your kitchen faucet could be the most powerful element in your home.  Changing just this one element can change your perception of everything from the everyday task of brewing coffee to the annual tradition of preparing a holiday meal.  If you’ve never replaced a kitchen faucet before, don’t worry.  Bob Vila himself includes this kitchen remodeling idea on his list of ’20 Insanely Easy 60-Minute Home Improvements.’  To be just a little bit promotional, he also includes changing your furnace air filter on this same list.

3. Update Your Wall Art – you don’t need to paint the walls in your kitchen to give it a transformative look.  Adding new wall art, ranging from the vintage advertising seen in the image to the left to themed family photos  – and everything in between – can provide your kitchen with an entirely new look in minutes.

4. Move and Reconfigure Your Fridge – sometimes, just moving everything into a new location within a room is the quickest and easiest way to give it a new look.  But when it comes to moving your refrigerator, one of the bigger challenges you could run into is that the door swing will only be compatible in certain locations.  If your kitchen remodeling idea involves a new fridge location, and the only hold-up is the way the door swings, check out the article linked above for some quick instruction on how to reverse its doors.

Kitchen Remodeling Idea - Buy New Dish Towels5. Update The Accessories You See Every Day – this last idea can be as big and expensive (think: new lighting fixtures) or as small and budget friendly (think: new dish towels) as you like.  It’s amazing how swapping out something you use every day for a similar product in a different color or shade will help to change your entire perspective when you inhabit a room.

What kitchen remodeling ideas would you recommend for someone trying to make a small, yet impactful change in their home?  Please feel free to share your thoughts via a comment below.

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