How Often Should I Replace My Fridge Filter If I Use Well Water?

Modern Kitchen Using Well WaterWhether you order a fridge filter from Maytag, Whirlpool, GE or Tier1, you will undoubtedly see some note on the filter box or packaging instructing you to replace it once about every six months.

Of course, the six months is just a guideline that can be adjusted based on your ‘water quality and usage.’

Water usage is fairly easy to wrap your head around.  If you have a larger family or household, you’ll use more water, which will naturally decrease the lifespan of your fridge filter.  Water quality, on the other hand is a bit more complex of a variable.  Read More

One thought on “How Often Should I Replace My Fridge Filter If I Use Well Water?

  1. For the past 3 years I’ve been buying filter for our refrigerator by mail from a Maytag company. This time I tried ordering over the internet like they suggested (for a 10% discount). When I googled their website, your website was the first one listed. I checked it out. Well not only do you stock the exact same filter, but at a much lower price than theirs, even with the discount! Thank you.

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