3 Reasons To Hang Out With Facebook On World Water Day

Chet Kumari Basnet -  Clean Drinking Water From WaterAid
Chet Kumari Basnet of Gahubari, Nepal Whose Village Received A New Gravity-Flow Water Filter From WaterAid.org

Saturday, March 22nd is World Water Day – an internationally recognized occasion where solutions to provide clean drinking water for the millions in need throughout the world are concepted and acted upon.

Since its founding in the early nineties, World Water Day has grown exponentially, inspiring movements throughout the globe that are oftentimes launched and fed by social media.  And when it comes to social media, the biggest kid on the block is still Facebook.  As it so happens, we plan to spend some time with this kid tomorrow!

To ensure you experience all there is to experience this World Water Day, here are three reasons you’ll want to join us and hang out with Facebook:

1. You’ll Hydrate Someone In Need AND Save Money On Your Next Order – There will be something very special on our Facebook page tomorrow.  While the full details are still under wraps, we can tell you that you’ll never feel better making a refrigerator filter purchase from FridgeFilters.com then you will after tomorrow.

2. You Will See Stories That Provide Legitimate Inspiration – Over the past week, we’ve seen dozens of inspiring stories – including the story of Chet Kumari Basnet from Gahubari, Nepal, pictured above, whose village received a new gravity-flow water filtration system with the help of WaterAid.  To see how truly impactful clean drinking water can be in someone’s life, check out Chet Kumari Basnet’s story here.

3. You’ll See Dozens of Chances to Help! – From larger campaigns developed by organizations like WaterAid, to smaller initiatives like this fundraising page launched on HopeMob to help bring clean drinking water to the West African village of Sam M’Bollet, there will be no shortage of ways you can lend a hand.  Better yet, Facebook will allow you to lend your hand in multiple locations throughout the globe simultaneously!

We look forward to seeing you online tomorrow for World Water Day – and working together to help bring us a step closer to clean drinking water for the world.

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