Plastic Water Bottles: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Plastic Water Bottles - The GoodVery little in life is either all good or all bad.  Take plastic water bottles, for instance.  We hear the horror stories regarding BPA and see the images of over-stuffed landfills and could rightly assume that plastic water bottles are a scourge that need to be removed from our society.

But classifying plastic water bottles, or the bottled water industry, as just ‘good’ or ‘bad’ misses out on some of the subtleties behind this issue – and even some of the good that the growth in the bottled water industry represents.

Before you make your next bottled water purchase, or next time you find yourself taking sides in a plastic water bottle debate, ensure that you are armed with the good, bad and the ugly facts below:

The Good of Plastic Water Bottles:
Recent data indicates that the bottled water industry brings in nearly 12 billion dollars each yearRead More

2 thoughts on “Plastic Water Bottles: The Good, Bad & Ugly

    1. Yup. I made the change a while ago. We got a good filter and our water tastes great. No fluoride in London, so a simple carbon or KDF filter works great here. You can get a report on your city/town’s water from your local water company’s website. If it tastes’ bad it probably has too much chlorine. Just get an under the sink fiter. You’ll love it!

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