Do you have a GE fridge? You might even have a Kenmore fridge made by GE (more on that later). GEs are some of the oldest and most popular refrigerators in America. The filters made by GE are just as great as the fridges. They filter well and most of the time, they maintain the flow rate for the 6 month life of the filter.

Over the years, the filters have undergone many changes to improve and serve the customers better. Several years ago, GE replaced the metal canister filter MXRC with the MWF. Here are some helpful tips if you have a fridge that has an MXRC.

  • You can still use your MXRC filter, but the newer MWF is a much better choice. It is made of plastic instead of metal, which lowers the price.
  • To use an MWF in place of an MXRC, you need a special GE filter adapter to make the MWF work.
  • The MWF has a faster flow rate and a longer life span.


We recommend the MWF filter (with adapter) for your fridge, even if it matches with an MXRC. The MWF is a lower priced, better filter with a longer life.

Depending on your refrigerator, the MWF with adapter may not work for you. The MWF with adapter is taller than then MXRC and depending on the height of your top shelf, the filter may not fit. If that is the case, we will gladly help you with an exchange. Contact our support team at 800-683-8353 or

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