Filters 202- More FAQs

By Megan Vick

After reading Filters 101, you understand the basics about filters, right? Or, maybe you've thought of more questions to ask! Here are some more answers to those questions.

How many filters are there?

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of filters available.  There are so many filters on the market today, but only a few will fit your refrigerator or filter system.  Even though the local hardware store may have an aisle devoted to filters, you can rest assured you only have a few to choose from.

Are there ways to tell when to change filters?

If you have a refrigerator with a filter, most have an indicator light on the dispenser.  This light is usually on a timer and estimates the amount of life you have left in your filter.  The indicator light is not connected to the filter at all.  Since there are so many different levels of water quality throughout the country, the manufacturer of the refrigerator and of the filter will have recommended guidlines about when to replace your filter.  Once you've changed the filter, you can reset the light timer for another 6 months. 

PRO TIP: Try to coordinate your filter change around Daylight Saving Time.  When you change your clocks, you change your filter.  Easy, right?

Are filters the same, or do they vary in quality?

Not all filters are created equally.  Refrigerator manufacturers often make filters to match the fridges (called OEM filters), however there are many other companies who make compatible filters.  Sometimes they are called "Off-brand" filters.  There is nothing wrong with the compatible filters or the OEM filters.  When you are searching for the right filter, make sure it's been tested and verified by NSF International.  NSF has many testing and regulating standards to make sure the filters deliver on their claims.

Which filter should I buy?

You should buy the best filter your budget will allow.  Certain filters, depending on size and contaminant reduction, will cost more than other filters.  Any filter which is NSF tested will cost more than one which is not NSF tested.  The NSF testing is extremely expensive and rigorous, but it ensures the result you desire.  If you can't decide which filter to buy, give us a call at 800-683-8353 or send us an email and we can recommend a filter to you. 


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