Fridge Filters, Facebook, and the Quest for Clean Water


 (wôtr-wûrks, wtr-)


1.  The water system, including reservoirs, tanks, buildings, pumps, and pipes, that supplies water to a city, town, or other municipality.
2.  An exhibition of moving water, such as a fountain or cascade.
3.  Informal Tears: turned on the waterworks.
Meet Tabatha Hackley. Tabatha's a college student who works in the Fridge Filters warehouse between semesters. She's just one of the people here who makes sure that your fridge filters are boxed up carefully  and shipped to you quickly–because Tabatha cares about our customers. And like all of us here at Fridge Filters, Tabatha cares about the people who don't have access to clean water. 
  • Almost one billion people drink contaminated water every day.
  • Over 1.8 million people – mostly children – die every year from diseases communicated through water.
Last week Tabatha told us about a new Facebook app she found called WaterworksTM. She was really, really excited about it.
It's simple.
  1. You partner with a Waterworker- a real woman working to provide access to clean drinking water in her community – via a Facebook app. Mine is Santoshi Ahrivar. She lives in India. She's 24 years old. She looks like this:


2. You set up a small daily donation. One that even a college student like Tabatha can afford-like, 10 cents a day small. Santoshi and women like her get jobs distributing clean water kits; the people in their communities get clean drinking water.
3. Your Waterworker uses a mobile device to record the actual impact your funding is making, which you can see on Facebook: 


And so can your friends. Sharing your stories from Waterworks helps encourage your Facebook friends to get involved, too. Turns out you don't need to be Zuckerberg wealthy to have the potential to change 500 million people's lives.  
Cue the waterworks… (sniff)
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