FridgeFilters Featured Customer: Great Expectations

Satisfied customer

Jay lives in Commerce, MI, a small town outside of Detroit where he likes to do a little woodworking on the side, making cabinets and other casings. Back in 2005, he bought a new refrigerator and when it was time to order his water filters he went online to search for the right part. He placed his first order with, because “your site was the easiest to find the right model”. Now, six years later he still buys his water filters from FridgeFilters.

I asked Jay what helped us keep his business all these years. “It’s about the service you provide,” he explains, “I always get the right filter. That’s what you want from an internet transaction, especially once you have done it for 6 years.” Jay tells me he has even stopped using the filter change reminder sticker that comes with the new filters. “I don’t even get the sticker out of the box, because I know I will get an email reminder [from FridgeFilters] about a month before I need to change my filter.”

“A lot of companies miss the boat with commodity products,” Jay says, “I have a table saw with a blade that has to be replaced. I would love to get a reminder from them when it is time to change it.” There are a lot of e-stores competing for your business, but not all of them provide the same level of service. “After at least 6 years, continues to exceed my expectations and out do everyone else on the web in terms of doing ecommerce right.”

Many thanks to Jay M. or Commerce, MI, for taking the time to share his story with me.

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