Green friendly water bottles

Klean kanteen bottles original and in color Want to save money? Want to help the planet out? Try one of these green-friendly bottles recommended by Single use PET plastic bottles are not the best way to get your water. For one thing, you would not want to refill a PET plastic bottle to reuse it as a drinking bottle because over time the stress placed on the bottle makes it more likely to leach harmful chemicals (like endocrine disruptors) into your water. So not only are these chemicals endocrine disruptors (that means bad for your body’s natural hormone production), but they also add a bad taste to the water. Read More

2 thoughts on “Green friendly water bottles

  1. Hi Andreas! I drink out of a glass when I’m at home for that very reason, but when I’m on the go I want something a little more durable. I’m always concerned that with a glass bottle I might drop (I’m kind of a klutz like that) and break it.
    Stainless steel is a great option because it also doesn’t effect taste and is really durable too.

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