Goldilocks and the three bears revisited

Three bears stamp

We all know the story of Goldilocks and how she visited the home of the three bears while they were out. You probably heard how she tasted the porridge and tried the chairs, but did you know that she was also really thirsty?

First Goldilocks took a glass and filled it from the tap and it was good, but it was not quite cold enough. So she opened the fridge and saw a bottle of Aquafina. She knew the Aquafina bottle was nice and cold, but Goldilocks had read online about how chemicals can leach from PET plastic into the water. Read More

2 thoughts on “Goldilocks and the three bears revisited

  1. I usually use bottled water. By this I do not bother anymore to use water filters. But tap water is also very good to drink if we use a water filter to keep it clean.

  2. Hi Gregory, thanks for your comment! I think there are a few situations where bottled water makes sense (disaster relief comes to mind) when safe water isn’t available from the tap. Otherwise, I think the cost savings alone make filtering your drinking water the best choice.

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