How to Purify Water

Most of the time we have access to clean water and water treatment is not an issue, but what about those other times?

If you have ever been camping you may have been tempted to drink from a freshly flowing stream or crystal clear lake. Chances are you didn’t know what else may have been in the water with you. Any time you drink water from an untreated source such as a river, lake, or in some developing countries, you could be at risk from water-borne viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases.

I found a great article on the Wired How-To Wiki that provides an in depth guide for purifying untreated water, found here.

Of course, if you know you will be out hiking, biking, camping, or traveling to other countries where safe drinking water is a concern you can also plan ahead and try one of the Katadyn purifying water bottles. The Katadyn bottles double as both a filter and a dispenser and their lightweight design makes them perfect for on-the-go use.

If water-borne viruses are a concern you should definitely consider getting one of the Katadyn MyBottle purifiers that includes a virustat filter.

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