Why start to worry now?

At this point most people know there are trace levels of a
variety of contaminants present in their drinking water. The quality of our
water is adversely affected by pollutants and pesticides from factories and farms
as well as naturally occurring contaminants. Contaminated water is not a new
problem, but scientists are starting to discover another link in the chain of
chemicals found in our drinking water, prescription drugs.

This time, though, it is not the fault of a big bad corporation
polluting our water. The traces of pharmaceuticals found in water sources
downstream from sewage treatment plants seems to indicate that many people are
flushing away their expired and unneeded medications. Tests on the water have
found by-products of anti-depressants, antihistamines, and anti-seizure drugs
make up the highest percentage of prescription drugs in the water supply.

Even in low doses these chemicals are not the kind of things
we want in our drinking water. The EPA is now testing to assess the risk of
drinking these chemicals to humans, but study results will not be available
until next year.

If you do not already use a water filtration system it is
definitely something to consider. Water filters carry a relatively low price when
compared to how many gallons of clean drinking water they provide consumers.
The best part is that your water will not only be safer to drink, but it will
taste better too!

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