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Why start to worry now?

At this point most people know there are trace levels of a
variety of contaminants present in their drinking water. The quality of our
water is adversely affected by pollutants and pesticides from factories and farms
as well as naturally occurring contaminants. Contaminated water is not a new
problem, but scientists are starting to discover another link in the chain of
chemicals found in our drinking water, prescription drugs.

This time, though, it is not the fault of a big bad corporation
polluting our water. The traces of pharmaceuticals found in water sources
downstream from sewage treatment plants seems to indicate that many people are
flushing away their expired and unneeded medications. Read More

To drink, or not to drink – further revelations on the quality of our drinking water

Let’s face it, we have to have water to survive, but where
should we go to find safe, clean, great tasting drinking water?  I read an article in the Washington Post that
does a really good job of highlighting this dilemma and also offers some water
quality facts that everyone should know. I highly recommend it to anyone who
wants to get a better picture of the water quality issues we face.

To start with what options do we have? Fortunately most of
us have access to some form of reliable water supply; unfortunately this same water
source most likely contains contaminants of some variety. Read More

Boil Water Warnings in Tennessee and Massachusetts

Warnings have been issued to boil water before using it for drinking or cooking due to flooding in parts of Massachusetts and Tennessee.

Please be sure to follow appropriate safety procedures if you live in an area where your drinking water has become contaminated. Here are some helpful tips to follow…

  • There may be unknown contaminants in water that may or may
    not be on list of impurities removed by an installed filter. Fridge
    filters do not remove minerals, for example.
  • Immediately turn off water connection to fridge
  • Replace all filters (faucet, fridge) that were installed when water went bad, after 'all clear' is given.
Read More