Save Your Produce!

You have probably noticed by now that the produce in your
refrigerator deteriorates over time. It’s always a sad day when you have to
throw food out because it has gone bad while sitting in your crisper drawer. To
make matters worse you have to deal with the rotten food smell that spreads
through the entire refrigerator and sometimes even your kitchen.

I have blogged about the benefits of water filters before,
but some refrigerators also have a built-in air filter. If you have an air
filter in your refrigerator it should be replaced just like your water filter.

For Electrolux refrigerators that use the EAFCBF Pure
filter you should replace the filter every 6 months. The EAFCBF
helps eliminate odors, control humidity, and keep food fresher longer. It also
saves you money by reducing energy consumption.

For owners of Frigidaire & Electrolux PureAdvantage refrigerators
there is also the EAF1CB air filter which combines activated carbon,
zeolite, and baking soda to remove common odors from foods like onions, garlic,
fish, sour milk and overripe fruits and vegetables.

 For some GE Arctica refrigerators
the FreshSaver GFSFR02 filter can be found in the Fresh Produce Pan and
helps remove the ethylene gas that can be emitted by the fruits and vegetables
stored in your fridge. Ethylene gas speeds up the deterioration process that causes
your produce to rot. The indicator light on your refrigerator should come on when it is time to replace the air filter.

Some refrigerators don’t have a built-in air filter, but you
can still maximize your produce life by following some simple guidelines.
You may already keep a box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb odor and combat
bad smells, but there is an even better way to control odor and help improve
the taste of food in your fridge.

The Gonzo Refrigerator Odor Eliminator works for both
refrigerators and freezers and eliminates airborne bacterial odors, absorbs
odors from strong-smelling foods and helps make fresh and frozen foods taste
better. The best part is the non-toxic volcanic minerals in the Odor Eliminator
last up to 10 months and can be completely recharged by simply placing the 8 oz
packet in direct sunlight for 6 hours.

So whether you have a built-in air filter or not you can
still control the odors in your refrigerator or freezer to maintain cleaner,
fresher air and improve the taste of food.

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