Simple Refrigerator Maintenance (Before you call the Repairman)

Here are some very simple tips to help keep your
refrigerator in good working order without having to call in a service

1.      Fixing a loose gasket (seal)

It is not unusual for your refrigerator to have some
condensation on the outside of the appliance, but if you are seeing a lot of extra
condensation you may have a loose gasket. Check the rubber gasket (seal) on
your refrigerator and clear any obstructions. If this does not help you can
moisten the gasket with a thin layer of Vaseline or a similar substance. It can
also help to reorganize the fridge to be sure that nothing is blocking the
doors from closing.

Clean the coils

On a newer refrigerator this should not be a problem as
these models have self-cleaning condensers. If you are still using an old
refrigerator without this feature you may want to consider an upgrade even if
it is only for the energy savings, but I would recommend a model with a water
and ice dispenser as this feature is very convenient and can save you a bundle
on buying bottled water. If a new fridge is not an option you can remove the
base grille and use a vacuum attachment to clean the area around the condenser.

Change the water filter

If you have an ice or water dispenser the odds are that you
also have a water filter. The average water filter lasts around 6 months under
optimal conditions (sometimes less depending on water quality and usage) and
should be replaced when you notice a funny taste or smell to the water and/or
ice coming from your refrigerator. Fortunately this is a very simple and
inexpensive fix. Our water filter guide can help you find exactly the right
replacement filter for your fridge and free shipping is available on many
orders so you don’t even have to leave your home to get a new filter.

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