Monthly Archives: December 2009

Millions of Americans Drink Contaminated Water

Investigations by the Environmental Protection Agency show that many of the U.S.'s 54,700 water systems have violated the Safe Drinking Water Act. These violations include the presence of illegal concentrations of potentially dangerous chemicals in our drinking water.

The E.P.A. data shows that these violations are not isolated to any specific region of the country and have been found in every state. Research has linked illnesses among approximately 19 million Americans to the presence of harmful substances and parasites in their drinking water.

While the current administration is working with the E.P.A. to get stronger regulations in place the frequency of these violations over the past 5 years remains a cause for concern.

The drinking water that comes from your faucet is far cheaper than purchasing bottled water and should be a safe option. If you are not already using an in home water filtration system there are a variety of affordable options and styles. Replacing your water filter about every 6 months will help keep your drinking water safe and will maintain that clean and refreshing taste.

Cleaning your Refrigerator Coils

Over time your refrigerator coils will accumulate layers of dust, cooking oils or even pet fur. Cleaning the fridge coils will help make your refrigerator run more efficiently and can help keep your energy bills down. This article at explains how to simply and safely clean your fridge coils.

Many refrigerators require you to remove the grille cover on the front of your refrigerator when replacing the water filter cartridge so you are already half way to getting the coils cleaned up.