Monthly Archives: September 2009

Maytag Recall Expanded

Popular refrigerator manufacturer, Maytag, has expanded their recall to include even more refrigerator models. The company has recalled an additional 46,000 units due to a potential electrical failure that poses a serious fire hazard in many of their refrigerator models.  The brand names included in the recall are: Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Admiral, Crosley, Magic Chef, and Performa by Maytag. Please click here for more information on the recall.

Common Herbicide “Atrazine” Found in Municipal Water Sources

Herbicides and other chemicals often manage to slip into our water supply, but at low levels these chemicals are not really dangerous. A report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, however, claims that frequent spikes in atrazine found in many agricultural regions raises it above safe levels for drinking. These spikes in the level of atrazine and other herbicides often occur after it rains and the chemical seeps into the ground water.

A water filter can reduce the amount of atrazine and other chemicals to a safe drinking level. The following list of water filters have been tested and reduce atrazine levels.

Whirlpool 4396710, Whirlpool 4396510, and Whirlpool 4396701
Maytag UKF 8001
Brita FRRF-100, Brita GERF-100, Brita MYRF-100, and Brita WPRF-100
Frigidaire WFCB and Frigidaire WF2CB
LG LT 600P

To check if your water filter removes atrazine please feel free to visit our website and search for your specific filter, or you can contact the manufacturer.