The Tap is Back!

According to the Los Angeles Times article “Bottled Water sales see a drought” tap water is making a comeback. With the sale of bottled water experiencing its first real drop in six years it is clear that consumers are making the choice to drink more tap water.

One reason is that bottled water is far more expensive to drink than tap water, which is practically free. As more people take a closer look at where their money is being spent bottled water is a luxury that many can’t afford, at least not when there is such a great alternative.

Many consumers are simply refilling their empty water bottles from the tap instead of continually purchasing new ones, which should prove to be a real benefit for the environment.

Tap water is making a comeback as a source for drinking water in the home. If you love the taste of bottled water and don’t trust what is coming from the tap you can always purchase a water filtration system.  Water filters reduce the contaminants found in water as well as getting rid of the chlorine taste and odor found in many municipal water sources.

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