Cash for Clunker Refrigerators

You may not realize it, but your refrigerator could be a clunker. Federal efficiency standards for appliances have become more stringent over the years and many older refrigerator models now qualify for special rebate programs in several states.

The goal of these programs is to replace older refrigerators with newer and more energy efficient models that use around 50% to 75% less energy. Among the states with rebate programs for homeowners replacing their old refrigerators are, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are also other appliance exchange programs set up by utility companies to help homeowners save on energy costs.

Still not convinced it is worth it to replace that old clunky refrigerator in your home or garage? Newer refrigerator models come with a lot of perks in addition to being more energy efficient. Some high end models now come with a built in LCD TV screen, but the feature you should really look for is a refrigerator that comes with a water and ice dispenser.

A water and ice dispenser on your refrigerator is a standard feature on most popular models. The convenience of having easy access to cold drinking water and ice cubes is an obvious benefit, but that is not all you get from a water and ice dispenser.

Most refrigerators with a water and ice dispenser also have a built in water filtration system. This means that your cold and refreshing drinking water is also filtered for any contaminants, particulates, chlorine taste and odor. Fridge filters should be changed about every 6 months and replacement cartridges are available to order online.

For help with replacement cartridges please visit our online guide where you can search for the right filter by part number, refrigerator model, or brand name.

2 thoughts on “Cash for Clunker Refrigerators

  1. I love the idea of stimulating the economy this way, but am concerned that folks are not required to recycle the old appliance. Every State will have their own set of rules for this program.

  2. Several states have already been using a rebate system to encourage consumers to trade in “clunker” refrigerator models, but the federal stimulus, which will receive approximately $300 million in funds, offers higher rebates than current programs.
    I would hope that most people would use this opportunity to get rid of their old fridge and reduce energy consumption in the home, but as you said the program does not require them to do so.

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