Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Tap is Back!

According to the Los Angeles Times article “Bottled Water sales see a drought” tap water is making a comeback. With the sale of bottled water experiencing its first real drop in six years it is clear that consumers are making the choice to drink more tap water.

One reason is that bottled water is far more expensive to drink than tap water, which is practically free. As more people take a closer look at where their money is being spent bottled water is a luxury that many can’t afford, at least not when there is such a great alternative. Read More

Cash for Clunker Refrigerators

You may not realize it, but your refrigerator could be a clunker. Federal efficiency standards for appliances have become more stringent over the years and many older refrigerator models now qualify for special rebate programs in several states.

The goal of these programs is to replace older refrigerators with newer and more energy efficient models that use around 50% to 75% less energy. Among the states with rebate programs for homeowners replacing their old refrigerators are, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are also other appliance exchange programs set up by utility companies to help homeowners save on energy costs. Read More

Drinking Water Helps Maintain Good Health

It is a well known fact that the human body is made up of about 60% to 70% water. During the course of the day we lose a lot of the water in our bodies through respiration and perspiration so it is necessary to drink liquids to replace the water in our bodies.

While you can drink a variety of fluids, water is actually better for you than other beverages for a variety of reasons.

1. Water is, in its simplest form, just water. In fact that is what makes it so good for you to drink when you are thirsty. Read More