Why We Should All Drink More Tap Water

1)    Tap water is treated to kill bacteria so it really is safe to drink
2)    Drinking tap water is much cheaper than buying expensive bottled water
3)    75% of survey participants in New York City actually preferred the taste of tap water
4)    City water systems are required to report to consumers what is in their water
5)    If you don’t like the taste of tap water try using a water filter to add that extra step of purification and remove the chlorine taste and any odors.

Tips to help you get the most out of your drinking water:

Use the money you would have used to buy bottled water to purchase a water filtration system and a few reusable containers. Read More

4 thoughts on “Why We Should All Drink More Tap Water

  1. I agree. I think drinking tap water makes so much sense than bottled water. Why do people spend so much money for water? It never made sense to me. Some people fear the safety of there tap water but they can get a simple water test to show if the water is drinkable or if it actually is contaminated.

  2. You definitely can’t beat city water for good water. However groundwater in well systems can contain harmful chemicals. In that case, I would invest in some bottled water.

  3. You are correct in pointing out that well water often contains more contaminants than city water, but that is a problem that can be fixed. I lived in a home for 9 years where the water came from a community well and if it was not filtered the water appeared cloudy in your glass. We were able to use water filters to improve the quality of our drinking water.The only downside was that the filters needed to be replaced more often and this is definitely something to keep in mind if you use well water.
    I also have an aunt who had a well for her house with trace levels of chemicals in the water that caused it to taste and smell terrible. She ended up purchasing a higher end water filtration system for her house and was able to safely drink clean, clear water from her tap.
    Everpure has a line of water filtration systems that provide commercial grade water filtration for residential use. Many whole house systems have easily replaceable cartridges and can really help improve the quality of your drinking water.

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