What’s in your water?

No matter where you get your drinking water from the odds
are that at some point it contained some contaminants. Some of these contaminants, such
as radon and arsenic, occur naturally while others, such as microorganisms and pesticides, are introduced into the
water supply from outside contact with people and animals. At low levels most contaminants are not harmful
to people, but that does not mean we should have to drink them.

The easiest way to be sure that your drinking water contains
as few contaminants as possible is to filter your water.

Your home may have a refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser that has a built in refrigerator filter, or you might be using another filtration system such as an
under sink or whole house filter. Below is a list of popular filters and the
contaminants that they remove. For more information on the common contaminants
found in your drinking water please feel free to consult our Drinking Water
Contaminant Glossary

Filter Type Chlorine Particulates (Class I) Cysts Turbidity  Lead (pH 6.5) Atrazine
OmniFilter CB-3 Undersink 97.50% n/a 99.90% n/a 98.60% n/a
FXULC SmartWater
Undersink 97.00% n/a 99.90% 99.00% 98.00% 89.00%
On-Tap FR-200
Faucet 99.00% 99.90% 99.99% 99.10% 98.70% 76.20%
Refrigerator 96.00% 99.10% 99.99% 98.00% 99.00% 94.00%
LG LT600P Refrigerator 97.60% 99.90% 99.99% 99.30% 99.35% 95.90%
Refrigerator 97.60% 98.40% 99.99% 98.60% 99.30% n/a
Refrigerator 99.00% 95.10% n/a n/a 99.35% n/a
Whirlpool 4396510 Refrigerator 97.60% 99.90% 99.99% 99.30% 99.35% 85.60%
Refrigerator 97.40% 99.70% 99.99% 99.30% 99.35% 85.60%

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